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The Theatre of Fire – From Grill to Plate

About our head Barbecuer

Darren had been involved in hospitality for 25 plus years starting within a family-run night club, too then assisting with management across the Birmingham bar & club scene…

At 25 a slight change in direction and with a vision of owning his own venue he took a role as a trainee chef in a 2 rosette restaurant in Birmingham, followed by a year in their 1 Michelin star associated restaurant on the other side of the canal, both set the roots and excitement for food. After various spells in kitchens across Europe and starting a small family, he started a small events company providing high-end menus and barbecue events in and around London. This allowed him to sub-contract for award-winning event companies in the capital cooking for industry peers, members of parliament, music artists, film stars, and even the queen.

After the 2020 pandemic Darren uprooted & moved down to the Jurassic coast and during a tough time within the industry opened a restaurant in Exmouth devoted to the amazing locally sourced seasonal fish & seafood that then would be only cooked over fire.

Sadly with the world yet to completely recover from the impact the virus left on the economy, Darren has taken the same concept and hit the road to show the nation what exciting menus can come when you put the ocean & fire together ……. Passion and creativity will flow and imagination can flourish.